Blick vom Wasser auf das Kraftwerk Muehlen.

Electricity products

So it can offer its customers in the greater Innsbruck area attractive electricity products, the IKB draws on a great deal of hardware and software knowledge. This includes environmentally friendly, regional energy production using domestic hydropower and solar energy. A great price-performance ratio is just as important as local services and advice tailored to the needs of customers.

Electricity generation

Environmentally friendly energy production is one of our generation’s major requirements. The use of alternative energy sources is at the core of the IKB. For more than 100 years, the natural power of water has been used to supply electricity in Innsbruck. All of the IKB’s power plants produce electricity entirely from natural sources. In addition to the hydroelectric power plants, the photovoltaic systems operated by the IKB also supply environmentally friendly energy.

Power grid

Power grids are the lifelines for the energy of Tyrol’s capital and the IKB ensures that Innsbruck households are reliably supplied with electricity. The entire IKB power grid is around 2,000 kilometres long and runs almost exclusively underground, keeping it particularly safe from the weather and disruptions. The Innsbruck power distribution network is one of the most reliable networks in Austria. To ensure long-term supply, the IKB power grid undergoes constant maintenance and expansion.

Energy services

The world is in the middle of an energy transition - away from fossil fuels to alternative energies, away from internal combustion engines to e-mobility. The employees of IKB-Energieservices are competent partners in this transition. Equipped with comprehensive knowledge of alternative energies, climate protection and service reliability, they can answer all our customers questions - from planning a heating, cooling, ventilation or photovoltaic system to financing concepts and implementation.

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