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One of the IKB’s most important tasks is the supply of drinking water. It ensures that the whole of Innsbruck is supplied with high-quality spring water. The water comes straight from the mountains, where, for around ten years, it seeps through the rock to become enriched with minerals before collecting in the cool crags. It is then transported to households in its natural state.

The IKB constantly monitors water quality and the pipe network is constantly maintained and expanded. That is why the people of Innsbruck will be able to rely on valuable, natural drinking water supplied from the mountains for generations to come.

Waste water

Waste water disposal is a crucial pillar of the closed cycles at Innsbruck. The IKB protects these cycles and takes care of the ongoing maintenance, repair, cleaning, inspection, leak testing and renovation of sewage pipes and sewers and all the associated structures. State-of-the-art technical processes guarantee reliable and ecologically high-quality sewage disposal and sewage treatment in Innsbruck. In the IKB’s Roßau sewage treatment plant, the waste water from Innsbruck and 14 other municipalities is mechanically and biologically cleaned to the highest technical standards.

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