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When it comes to responsible waste disposal, the city of Innsbruck relies on a well-organised network of professional IKB employees. With 20 vehicles, they empty general waste, biowaste and waste paper bins at regular intervals and also collect bulky waste. Waste that does not belong in general waste - such as bulky items, problematic materials or old electrical equipment - can be handed in at the IKB recycling centre in Roßau. Twice a year, the mobile unit collects problematic waste throughout the city, enabling Innsbruck residents to conveniently dispose of hazardous waste. The IKB employees accept problematic materials such as paints and varnishes, household cleaners, solvents, medicines, consumer batteries, car batteries and much more. The IKB's extensive waste disposal services are rounded off with advice on environmental and waste issues and the Re-Use projects, with which new life is breathed into broken or unneeded objects through reuse, repair, sharing, donation or borrowing.


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