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Prepaid pass

Save time and money with the prepaid pass

The prepaid pass is a discount card that gives you a 15% discount!

  • It can be used to enter any of the IKB pools and saunas. As you enter the pool/sauna, the relevant costs will be deducted from your balance automatically.
  • The price due is shown on the turnstile. If you exceed your stay, the additional amount due will be charged as you leave the facilities.
  • Prepaid passes are available at any staffed entrance and at the ticket machines. You can add credit worth €25, €50 or €100, plus a bonus of 15%.
  • Once purchased, you can add credit by using your code in the IKB online shop at (only available in german). You will receive the code for your card when you purchase it in the online shop, at any ticket machine or at any staffed entrance.
  • Please note : you have to purchase the relevant prepaid card for each adult, senior/person with a disability, young person or child to be charged the right amount at the turnstile.
For each purchase, you will receive an additional 15% free bonus.
Purchase value € 25,00Credit € 28,75
Purchase value € 50,00Credit € 57,50
Purchase value € 100,00Credit € 115,00